All Hail The Queen

“A queen on Her throne is a Woman who has mastered herself. She is not perfect, but she is complete. She has come to the full realization that everything she needs to fulfill hee mission can be found within. She’s uncovered hee powers and she knows how to use them. She’s no longer on the path, She has BECOME. the path.”


Epilepsy affects 50 million people worldwide. This is more people than Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy and Parkinson’s disease combined.e2


“No, this is not the beginning of a new chapter in my life, this is the beginning of a NEW book. That first book is already closed, ended and tossed into the seas. This NEW book is newly opened and has just begun. LOOK, it’s the first page! And it is a BEAUTIFUL one.”

My Manifesto

“I drink in the colors, symbolism, beauty, vastness and sacredness of the images. Connecting to what is going on around me, I have a deeper experience of sounds, smells, feelings and even sensations in my body. Once I silenced my mind, I am rewarded with the ecstatic merging of my inner self and the outer world. Feet on ground. Smile on face. Gratitude. Bliss. Peace. Sounds. Sensations. Light and energy. No purchase necessary! I am truly alive, breathing in the moment, a drug-free heightened state of awareness. Something a lot easier to achieve than I imagined.”

It’s A New Day

Today begins a new habit of releasing (honoring) my thoughts. Creating a new habit of sharing my truth each and every day. Today begins a new way of thinking. We know what the “old” me would be sitting here focusing her energy on. But today is a NEW day. Today there is only ONE goal…to be better than I was yesterday. The goal is to keep it moving. The goal is to interact and engage. The goal is to help someone else as they sit and begin to carefully put the pieces of their lives back together.

Bklyn State of Mind

There’s no example for me to draw strength from other than my “foundation”. That’s the place that has the answer to ALL my questions. There are no other “experts” for me to draw strength/inspirations from other than those who laid my foundation. I will admit and give much respect to ALL the STRONG and BEAUTIFUL Women I met along the way, but for THIS moment in time, Imma need you to take it back to what you know! #bklynsfinest

Who Am I?

I AM a writer. Writing for me is a compulsion, something I must do. I wake up every morning with something to say. I respect the power of language, because I am a “craftsman of words.” I don’t do it for the fame or fortune, I do it because it’s a part of who I am. I do it to set my words free and share my passion with the world.

Who am I…I am a river of words simply allowing thoughts too flow.

Reality Check

The Universe is a beautiful and patient place. The Universe is NOT a respecter of persons. And the Universe had no problem making me repeat the same lesson over and over again, until I learned it well.

It makes no sense sitting here recalling all the events that led me to this time and space. So instead I will sit here and begin to empty my mind of yesterday. Instead of trying to figure out what was going on (or what was going on in the mind of others). I am sitting here releasing myself from the chains of a broken mind, body and spirit.

See, regardless to what may or may not happen, one thing is for sure, I am glad to be where I am today (mentally & physically). I am grateful God blessed me with yet another chance to be here. Though it may seem uncomfortable (which is really your problem and  has always been) or unknown…herein the beauty lies.

Learning To Forgive…

Most of US never REALLY, TRULY forgive our brother or sisters. Most of US never HONESTLY and SINCERELY throw it in the sea of forgetfulness – instead we say the words, “I forgive you”. Yet we don’t REALLY mean it. What MOST of US do is secretly hold on to feelings of resentment and disappointment, and continue to walk around like everything is ok.

How can we ever expect or hope GOD to forgive US and forget, if WE wont/don’t do it for others.

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